Health and Safety Policy


Cedar MPA aims to provide a safe and healthy environment for everyone involved in the school. Any potential safety hazards must be reported to the Principal.
Whilst it is the responsibility of The Leigh Academy to ensure that risk assessments are carried out throughout the whole building, any risks that are found which can be related directly to the school’s personal equipment or property should be reported to the Principal and will be dealt with appropriately. Any risk found within the building, but not related directly to the school, should be reported to the site manager of the Leigh Academy.

The Leigh Academy is responsible for the following:

  • Heating checks on heating within all areas.
  • Maintenance of toilets.
  • Maintenance of all electrical plugs and internal wiring, lighting, fire alarms, fire extinguishers.
  • Maintenance of Sound system which will have regular safety checks.
  • Maintenance of leads from sound system/music centre and the fixing of these leads so that they do not cause a safety hazard.
  • The safety of the fixed Dance Mirror.
  • Cleaning of the dance floor, using products that will not cause slipping on the floor. The maintenance of all fire-extinguishers, and the firefighting equipment.

Fire Risk

There are fire instructions posted within the building, however, ALL teachers or volunteers working within the school must make themselves aware of these instructions.

There is a fire extinguisher attached to the wall and a fire alarm is installed within the building.

It is the teacher’s responsibility to ensure all fire exits are kept clear from any equipment or belongings

Accidents and First Aid

Cedar MPA has a private accident Logbook for any pupils that injure themselves whilst attending classes.

Injuries must be reported to the Principal and Directors.

ALL head injuries, however minor must be reported to the parent/guardian.

A First Aid Box must be kept in the studio at all times. There must be at least one first aider on site at all times.

It is the Parents responsibility to complete the medical questionnaire for their child and to keep this updated.

All participants must take part in a full warm up before any session.

Parents must inform the Principals/Teacher prior to a class their child is feeling unwell.

Class size numbers are restricted to ensure there is sufficient room for activity. Teachers will inform participants of suitable clothing in advance and will check on the day.

No jewellery should be worn and hair should be tied away from the face. All spills must be dealt with immediately.

Obstacles must be cleared out of the studios or moved towards the edge of the space and young people are to be made aware of any hazards.

Safety of Young Person

Cedar recognises that:

  • All teachers and volunteers must be DBS checked.
  • Parental consent forms regarding photographs must be completed by the parents of all involved.
  • All pupils attending a class at Cedar MPA are the responsibility of the parent/guardian outside of class time.
  • Young people will need to ask permission to go to the toilet. Limited numbers will be allowed to go at the same time.


The Leigh Academy has a non-smoking policy and smoking is prohibited anywhere in the building.

Drugs and Alcohol

Cedar MPA has a strict no drugs and alcohol policy. Any pupil or teacher found using drugs or alcohol whilst attending classes or working at the school, will be presented with a verbal warning. Parents will be advised if the pupil is less than 18 years of age.


Although music is played within the Dance Studio, the volume is kept at a level where the teacher’s voice can be heard.

All teachers and volunteers at Cedar Music & Performing Arts are made aware of this policy which is reviewed annually.
This Policy was last reviewed on 08.01.20.