Theatre School


When: Saturdays during term time

Time: 9:30 – 12:30

Where: The Leigh Academy (Map)

Suitable for: Ages 5 – 18 (Beginner to Intermediate)

Cost: £66 per month (44 weeks per annum) terms

Theatre School is for children aged 5 -18 years. It consists of three separate classes in dance, acting and singing with equal emphasis, and is geared towards building confidence in a broad spectrum of styles and disciplines, whilst gaining foundational techniques for longer-term development in the performing arts.


Students will experience and explore a range of dance styles whilst learning foundational technique in modern and jazz genres. Students will follow a set programme each term to enable the development of: technique, the capacity to learn routines, and the ability to demonstrate these alongside the other components of their training.


Acting classes are structured to cover a full range of acting styles. Students will be taught to understand and undertake techniques such as script work, improvisation, comedy, stage acting and more. Here, students develop the ability to demonstrate techniques and styles amongst peers as well as other school performances, building confidence and experience for a long term interest in acting.


It is essential to understand the basics of how your voice works and how to use it. Students will build a foundation of vocal technique whilst exploring varied vocal genres such as musical theatre, rock & pop, and a cappella, to name a few. Ensemble singing enhances ear development, social skills, self-discipline, and is a wonderful way to release and express thoughts and feelings in a fun, safe environment with others.